Our Programs

Our Programs

6 Ways To Get Started With Incline Potential!

We offer three membership programs to help you get started with Incline Potential as well as one-on-one consulting and customized training programs. To speak with someone about our programs, call us at 214-975-3881 or click here.

Business Apprentice

The Business Apprentice Program

This membership is for NEW clients with less than 2 years business experience and a desire to grow their company. As a member, you’ll gain access to our team who will take you through a step-by-step process of ensuring that your business is on a solid foundation to prepare you for the influx of new business.

Utilizing our proprietary ad·ap·ta·tion system, you’ll receive industry standard training and best practices tailored to your specific business model.

Business Builder

The Business Builder program is designed for clients who have been in business 2 years or more and may be experiencing growth challenges or simply looking to take their business to the next level. As a member of the Business Builder program, you receive all the benefits of the Business Apprentice program, a two-day small group workshop with our team, personalized guidance on selecting a target market, articulating your Unique Selling Proposition, gathering testimonials and much more.

When you leave the workshop, you’ll get ongoing coaching and accountability for a full year. This will give you the incentive you need to market and grow your business every single month, producing more lead flow and increasing revenue. The coaching will give you help to solve the new business challenges you’ll face that come with adding new clients. As a member, you’ll also receive a done-for-you website, a done-for-you newsletter and many more resources. To find out if the Business Builder program is right for your business, click here to schedule a quick, mini consult with one of our advisers.

Business Accelerator

The Business Accelerator program is developed for well established businesses no matter how long you’ve been in business. Your focus is on accelerating your current business growth and looking to enter into new markets and revenue streams.

As a member of the Business Accelerator program, you’ll receive all the benefits of the Business Builder program, limited one-on-one consulting, partnering opportunities with other Incline Potential members and a dedicated contract administrator to assist you with new contracts that we help you secure throughout your membership.

To find out if the Business Accelerator program is right for your business, click here to schedule a quick, mini consult with one of our advisers.

One-On-One Consulting

On a very limited, case-by-case basis, Incline Potential can work directly with you and your team. You should apply for this option only if you have the staff and resources available to fully implement our programs and processes.

You must also be willing to work with our team for six months or more to refine the aspects of your business. Our fees for this level of consulting, coaching and support start at $20,000. If that is simply outside of your budget, we suggest you start with one of our other programs.

Only one client per market area will be accepted for one-on-one business consulting with Incline Potential. To receive more information and to see if you qualify, click here.

Private Workshops, Seminars and Tele-Consulting

Incline Potential is available for developing customized training workshops for your company on our unique platform of generating and growing your business. Full-day workshops start at $14,500.

Tele-consulting is available if you prefer and can be delivered via 30-minute calls every month for a period of 10 months. To receive more information and to see if you qualify, click here.

Keynote Presentations and Workshops

If you want a dynamic speaker at your next event, please consider the team at Incline Potential.